How to arrange decorative cushions on your sofa

Κολάζ από φωτογραφίες διακοσμητικών μαξιλαριών σε λευκές, μπεζ και πολύχρωμες αποχρώσεις, τύπωμα από έργα καλλιτεχνών και τοποθετημένα σε σαλόνι σπιτιών, καναπέ, πολυθρόνα και πάτωμα

Smart ways to arrange creatively the decorative pillows on your sofa

They give colour, they give comfort, they give style! The decorative cushions are put on your sofa and along they bring a thousand ideas to transform your space instantly. Even one single cushion could make the difference.

How to refresh your space

Κολάζ από φωτογραφίες διακοσμητικών μαξιλαριών σε λευκές και μπεζ αποχρώσεις και τύπωμα από έργα καλλιτεχνών

Smart ways to refresh your home with artwork printed on decorative cushions

Art can have an impact on life. A piece of art in your home introduces beauty along with its own distinct design, bringing in as well the secrets hidden within it. Every piece of artwork also reflects the artist that created it, together with the thoughts she/he had throughout the creation process.

5 Trends in home decoration for 2022…

Decorating your home is an important issue. We all want to have a beautiful, well-kept and tastefully decorated house. Especially the last two years and through the situations we all went through there is an even greater need to feel better in our space. Home decor is of course a personal affair, but we always take a look at other homes or decor magazines to get ideas.
So we looked and picked you 5 trends that impressed us and that you can combine them with our own unique TRAPEZE cushions.

How to clean your decorative cushions

Decorative cushions collect dust and mites as well as several other dirt from their daily use and it would be good to wash them often. TRAPEZE cushions can, as you already know, be washed in the washing machine with cold water and their designs stay alive for a much longer time. They are made of 100% high quality cotton, and the printing method we use to capture the works is such that it goes deeper into the fibers and lasts much longer than ordinary prints. This does not mean that we should not take care of them properly to keep them even longer. Decorative cushions in general, due to their daily use should be cleaned or washed regularly depending on the weave of the cover.

Choose the right ones cushions for your space

You may not have thought about it but the cushions you will choose for your sofa are the A το Z in terms of its decoration. Even if the sofa has a special design, bright color or you think that you do not need extra cushions because most come in a package with their own matches, decorative cushions are always necessary and are the ones that make the difference.
So be sure to invest in them, by choosing them carefully, and taking care not to fall into the trap of the “set”, as it is something that has now been overcome. The trend today wants variety in colors, shapes and textures – where all together have been combined to tell their own unique story. This is what we do at Trapeze and that’s why we treat them like small art objects.


With a long history of charitable initiative, our “Pillow Talk” campaign offers a warm hug to those that need it the most. Focusing mainly on children in need, at Trapeze we believe that art can heal, offering optimism, hope, companionship and room for the imagination.

Fashionable wall colors in 2022

The colors we choose for our home determine in great deal its appearance. The color of the walls is probably the most basic piece, which affects both the whole decoration and our mood. We usually choose neutral colors as safer but we believe that step by step you should try to put more color in your life. The trends in wall colors for 2022 are so tempting, so maybe is it time for a little renewal?