How to clean your decorative cushions

Decorative cushions collect dust and mites as well as several other dirt from their daily use and it would be good to wash them often. TRAPEZE cushions can, as you already know, be washed in the washing machine with cold water and their designs stay alive for a much longer time.
They are made of 100% high quality cotton, and the printing method we use to capture the works is such that it goes deeper into the fibers and lasts much longer than ordinary prints. This does not mean that we should not take care of them properly to keep them even longer.
Decorative cushions in general, due to their daily use should be cleaned or washed regularly depending on the weave of the cover.
Below you will find some tips both for our decorative cushions and for the general cushions that you may have in your home.
The frequency of washing depends on the cushions themselves and in particular on whether they have a removable cover or are integrated with the inner filling of the cushion. In the case of TRAPEZE decorative cushions, the cushioncase is removable, and you can wash them every two to three weeks. Of course, on the other hand, if you have a cushion that is built with filler, then it should be washed at least every month, unless a stain is hard enough to make you clean it earlier than the scheduled time.
It is also important the filler that you have, look carefully at the specifications but generally it should be washed at a higher temperature than the cushioncase, in order to destroy the bacteria and microorganisms inside. Therefore, we want warmer water and a program for sensitive fabric. The same goes for the single cushion, without removable cover. Finally, if the inside of the cushion is made of sensitive material, then we must prefer hand washing with warm water.
Closing with our general tips we have the drying.
It is important for our TRAPEZE decorative cushions to have from the beginning to the end the treatment they deserve.
If we have a dryer, then we must avoid the high temperature during drying, while if the device has a humidity program, then it is good to use it. Alternatively, we can remove the cushion from the dryer a few minutes earlier, so that it has not dried completely in order not to shrink. Alternatively, we can hang the covers on the hanger, like any other fabric, and either hang the filling or place it on the threads of the hanger, so that they do not lose their shape.

So after our general tips, let’s go and see the proper cleaning.

What you need to know about proper cleaning:

Remove the fabric cover

Most cotton, linen or polyester covers are machine washable. Check the label to make sure. For our TRAPEZE decorative cushions you can find washing tips on the website of each cushion. While if the cover is made of wool, velvet, silk or other synthetics you better go to the laundry for dry cleaning. The same goes for leather or suede cushions.

How to remove difficult stains

Before washing the TRAPEZE decorative cushion cover, first clean the strong stains by spraying with laundry detergent. Leave for a while and then turn the cushion cover outwards to prevent the colors from fading in the wash.

Wash in lukewarm or cold water

Avoid high temperatures as they damage the fibers of the fabric. Also choose a mild detergent suitable for all washes. Allow the TRAPEZE filler pad to dry on its own and not in the dryer to avoid problems and lumps. As for ironing, you can iron them not with a very hot iron and especially for delicate prints use a cloth on top.
Simple tips to protect decorative cushions from TRAPEZE and enjoy them for a long time.