How to clean your decorative cushions

Decorative cushions collect dust and mites as well as several other dirt from their daily use and it would be good to wash them often. TRAPEZE cushions can, as you already know, be washed in the washing machine with cold water and their designs stay alive for a much longer time. They are made of 100% high quality cotton, and the printing method we use to capture the works is such that it goes deeper into the fibers and lasts much longer than ordinary prints. This does not mean that we should not take care of them properly to keep them even longer. Decorative cushions in general, due to their daily use should be cleaned or washed regularly depending on the weave of the cover.

Fashionable wall colors in 2022

The colors we choose for our home determine in great deal its appearance. The color of the walls is probably the most basic piece, which affects both the whole decoration and our mood. We usually choose neutral colors as safer but we believe that step by step you should try to put more color in your life. The trends in wall colors for 2022 are so tempting, so maybe is it time for a little renewal?