Fashionable wall colors in 2022

We will give you some tips for the prevailing trends for 2022 in colors.

The colors we choose for our home determine in great deal its appearance. The color of the walls is probably the most basic piece, which affects both the whole decoration and our mood. We usually choose neutral colors as safer but we believe that step by step you should try to put more color in your life. The trends in wall colors for 2022 are so tempting, so maybe is it time for a little renewal?

Shades of beige, light brown and gray, but also their combinations are ideal. If you want to try something new, but without escaping the palette of the above colors, then your color is brown taupe. It is a very harmonious blend of coffee with gray, which will surely excite you.
A more special, but beautiful color that will give freshness to your space is the pistachio. It is an intermediate choice for those who want to give a touch of color, without, however, being excessive or extreme. Easy on the eye and combined with many other colors. Dare it!

Mustard is a fairly intense color, but it is warm. If you choose it for your walls, it will bring light, positive energy and confidence both at your home and to yourself.

If you want to have summer in your home all the time, our next color is a good suggestion. Dare a special shade of blue for your walls. A turquoise or petrol would look great and would give to your space a note of freshness.

Another nice alternative for those who do not want something very bold and intense is our next color. Instead of the classic beige and white, which have been used for several decades, dare a new variation for any room in your home. Baby pink is an ideal choice to make this smooth transition.

Terracotta may be something women used to in makeup or especially outdoors, but this year it also stars in house our walls. This warm color of clay, something between brown and orange, seems unique to dress your home. So, if you want a refresh, this is your color!
If you are bold enough, then you may prefer the perracotta shade. It is the combination of terracotta with a dose of pink, which makes it a little more intense.

Another color that we will see a lot on walls this year is green. However, not any shade. Nature is a primary factor in determining trends. So, greens that are inspired by nature will be the ones to star this year. For example, olive green puts a very strong candidacy being a softer and more discreet green.

If you belong to the category of those who want to play a little with the most neutral colors, this is a perfect suggestion for you. Instead of choosing a simple and outdated gray, try the gray-blue. It is a beautiful color, which will definitely make a difference in the space. Touches of blue together with gray give more character and do not keep your space hazy.

See what suits you best with the furniture you have and dare a small change. Change space and mood!