Last modified: April 2022

This statement explains what personal data we process, for what purposes, how long we retain it, if and to whom we transmit it, how we protect it, what your rights are, and any other information you need to know in the context of transparent information.


1. The Controller.
2. Communication.
3. Personal data we collect and process (Cookies)
4. Sources of personal data collection.
5. Uses, purposes and legal bases.
6. Legality, accuracy and limitation of purpose.
7. Retention times – Delete.
8. Protection of your personal data.
9. Recipients of your personal data.
10. Your rights.
11. Minors
13. Transfers to third countries and international organizations.
14. Modification of the terms.

1. The Controller
Responsible for processing your personal data is the company LUMEN IKE, 267 Kleisthenous, Pallini, 15344 Attiki, Greece, Tel .: 210 8103463, E-mail: (hereinafter “Company”, we, us or us).

2. Communication
You can contact us, to solve any questions you may have about the way we process your personal data, by sending a message to:

3. Personal data we collect and process
& Cookies

The data collected, processed and stored by our Company, are the absolutely necessary for each of your transactional or contractual relationship with our Company and are the following:

The data collected, processed and stored by our Company, are the absolutely necessary for each of your transactional or contractual relationship with our Company and are the following:

1) Identity and contact details: name, e-mail address, postal address and landline and / or mobile phone number, which are necessary for us to do business with you. We seek to collect and use only information of a legal entity – ie company – and not your personal information, unless otherwise stated, e.g. in case you request home delivery, in which case you will necessarily give us your home address, which must be stated in the relevant delivery note, or – another example – if you do not have a mobile phone company number, then at your discretion and voluntarily, you give us your personal mobile phone number. In these cases, we will enter any personal information along with your other corporate data.

2) Invoicing data: Tax Identification Number, Tax Office, your bank account details, where the beneficiary is usually a legal entity (your company) and more rarely a natural person, depending on the capacity in which you choose to do business with our Company.

3) Internet activity information: We receive certain information about you when you use our website, These include your IP address and other Internet IDs. See the Cookies policy.

4) Voice data and content of your telephone calls with the Company, in cases where these calls are recorded (recorded) and always within the legal framework (and with your prior, explicit consent, if required).

5) Image and traffic data collected through video surveillance of our premises, always in legal frames and with the prescribed markings.

For prospective employees: we collect, among other things, CV data, when you apply for a job at the Company. To find out what applies in these cases, please read the special Candidate Data Protection Statement, which you will find on our website.


The website may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and pages. The website and affiliate applications use cookies.

A cookie is a file that contains an identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters) that is sent from a server to a browser where it is stored. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, the password is sent back to it.

Cookies can be either permanent or relate to a single connection. Permanent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until their expiration date, or until the user deletes them. Those that relate to a single session expire at the end of the connection, as soon as the navigator is deactivated (closed).

Cookies do not store information that can personalize the user, but personal information that is stored on the website and relates to users / visitors may be linked to the information stored and can be obtained from cookies.

Only “permanent” cookies are used on the website and related applications, only cookies related to a connection / session or “permanent” cookies and cookies used in a connection / session.

Most users’ browsers allow them to refuse the use of cookies, for example:

(a) In Internet Explorer (version 11) they may suspend the use of cookies using the cookie bypass settings by selecting “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” and then “Advanced”.

(b) In Firefox (version 39) they can suspend the use of all cookies by selecting “Tools”, “Options”, “Privacy”, then selecting “Use Personal Settings for History” from the drop-down menu and finally unchecking “Accept” cookies from websites “.

(c) In Chrome (version 44) they can disable the use of cookies by going to the “Check and Customize” menu and selecting “Settings”, “Viewing Advanced Settings” and “Content Settings”, and selecting “Block websites from specifying items” under the heading “Cookies”.

(d) In Safari (version 5.1.7) they can suspend the use of cookies by selecting “Selecting Safari”, “Preferences”, then selecting “Privacy” and then proceeding to any of the following actions. Permanently Suspend Cookies: Safari does not allow any website, third parties or advertisers to store cookies and other data on your Mac. Some sites may not work properly because of this.

Use of Cookies Only From Existing Website: Safari accepts cookies and website information only from the website to which the user is currently logged in. Often, some sites have embedded content from other sources. Safari does not allow third parties to store or access cookies or other information.

Allowed Use of All Websites I Visit: Safari accepts cookies and website information only from the websites the user visits. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine if a user has visited a website in the past. Selecting this setting prevents the storage of cookies and other content on the Mac from sites whose embedded content is located on the sites the user visits.

Suspending the use of all cookies will have a negative impact on the use of many websites.

If the use of cookies is suspended, the user will not be able to use all the features of the website or connected applications.

The user can delete cookies that are already stored on his computer. For example:

(a) In Internet Explorer (version 11) it can manually delete cookie files. You can find the procedure for this at

(b) In Firefox (version 39) you must delete cookies by selecting “Tools”, “Options” and “Privacy” and then selecting “Use Personal Settings for History” from the drop-down menu by selecting “View cookies” and then ” Remove all cookies », and

(c) In Chrome (version 44) it can delete all cookies by entering the “Control and Customization” menu and selecting “Settings”, “View Advanced Settings” and “Clear Navigation Details”. It will then select “Cookies and details of other websites and linked data” and “Clear Navigation Details”.

(d) In Safari (version 5.1.7) it can delete all cookies by entering the Safari preferences window and selecting “Privacy”. The user can set his options for accepting cookies next to “Preventing cookies”.

4. Sources of personal data collection

We collect the personal data that you provide to us voluntarily, either directly by you or by your order (eg you instruct your accountant to provide it to us) and which concern you yourself (unless you declare third parties ), and are rarely collected from publicly accessible sources. In general, we collect your data in the following circumstances:

· When you visit, browse, interact, or fill out a contact form on our website (

· When contacting us by phone or email

· When you visit our offices, or our booth at an exhibition and other occasions, where we may exchange information and personal data, including business cards

· When you are interested and trade with us regarding the ordering or supply of materials, either as a Customer, or as a Supplier, or as a Partner

· When you place an order, purchase, or contract with the Company

· When you submit job applications and / or CVs to the Company. Please see the special Candidate Privacy Statement on this website.

Attention: before you provide us with personal data concerning a third party natural person, you have the responsibility and obligation to inform this person about the content of this Statement.

5. Uses, purposes and legal bases.

We use your personal data for defined, express and lawful purposes and do not process it further in a manner incompatible with those purposes, which are:

– We use your identity and communication data, in order to identify you and communicate with you, both during our pre-contractual and contractual relationship, ie from the first acquaintance and expression of interest, the drafting and sending of the offer, the closing the order, the smooth execution and the final delivery of the order and in general, for the fulfillment of our pre-contractual and contractual obligations to you, before, during and after the sale.

– We also use your identity and communication data, in order to promote our products and services, within the framework of our legal interests, as long as they do not infringe on your rights and freedoms. Otherwise, we process your data only with your prior express consent.

– We use the identity and contact data, in combination with the order, invoicing and payment details, in order to contact you regarding order settlement, claims settlement, or other transaction related to our contractual relationship and of course to proceed with invoicing and collection of the agreed.

– We also use your identity and contact data in combination with order, invoicing and / or payment details, in order to:

– the provision of after-sales support,

– complaint management

– the measurement of your satisfaction as our Customer (according to ISO 9001),

The improvement of our services (according to ISO 9001) and

– compliance with a contractual or legal obligation, vital or public interest, our legal interest, or for the establishment and exercise of claims.

We use the data under (3), (4) and (5) above, for the protection of the property, the physical security of the employees and the visitors of the Company, as well as for the security of the transactions and for the protection of the personal data that we keep.

6. Legality, accuracy and limitation of purpose

The data we collect is necessary, appropriate and not more than what is required for the purposes of the processing for which it is collected. In addition, it is expensive and, if necessary, we update. The accuracy and authenticity of the data you submit is up to you.

Below we briefly list the 6 legal bases, based on which we are allowed to process your personal data:

1. with your consent, for one or more specific purposes,

2. to perform a contract to which you are a party or to take action and take specific action upon your request at a pre-contractual stage

3. for our compliance with legal obligations of the Company (tax, etc.)

4. for fulfilling a duty in the public interest

5. for the protection of a vital interest, your own or that of another natural person,

6. for the satisfaction of the legal interests of the Company, as long as they do not affect the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Our legitimate interests include sales and marketing activities, product development and improvement, understanding your behavior, preferences and needs (as potential candidates or Active Customers, Partners and Suppliers), fraud protection and prevention, as well as and the protection of the life and property of the company.

7. Retention times – Delete

In case you conclude a contract with our Company, your data will be kept for as long as the Civil Code provides for the limitation of claims after the expiration of the contract: a) Article 250 – Five-year Limitation – In five years the claims of traders are statute-barred, industrialists and craftsmen, for goods they have supplied, for the execution of works and for the supervision of cases of others, as well as for the expenses they have incurred, unless otherwise specified and b) Article 249 – Twenty-year Limitation period: claims expire twenty years later the termination of the contract, unless otherwise specified.

If you have not entered into a contract with our Company, then we retain your data in accordance with the respective purpose of the processing that has been notified to you.

Your data is then securely deleted, unless otherwise required by law (tax or otherwise).

8. Protection of your personal data

Our Company uses the appropriate technical and organizational security measures and follows the international best practices to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, prohibited dissemination, loss and accidental or unlawful destruction. For example:

– We have properly configured firewalls, we keep backups and recovery procedures and we implement encryption where required.

– We comply with the necessary Security Policies as well as a security breach notification process.

9. Recipients of your personal data

Our Company transmits your personal data to the following persons:

– To its employees, who are responsible for the execution and management and fulfillment of obligations related to the execution of the contract (eg employees in the Sales Department for drafting an offer, in the Accounting Office for issuing documents, in Production, in the Logistics department etc.), as well as settlement of obligations imposed by law.

– To credit rating agencies (such as Tiresias), when appropriate.

– To payment service providers and / or to domestic or foreign credit institutions, for the execution of a contract with you or transactions that you requested or made, such as SEPA, SWIFT, VISA, PAYPAL, MASTERCARD, etc.

– To companies (and / or freelancers) that process your data on our behalf (processors), such as IT service providers, business consultants, exporters, lawyers and law firms, cloud service providers, telecommunications, security , advertising and promotion services, etc. and which we always commit with appropriate contracts and confidentiality clauses.

Our Company is obliged to disclose information that concerns you, if required by law enforcement agencies, or competent government agencies.


10. Your rights

You have the right of access to correct, supplement and update your personal data. In addition, if the legal conditions are met, you can request deletion, restriction of processing, transfer of your personal data, object to their processing or even file a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, following the instructions provided on its website (www. You also have the right to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, at any time you wish, without prejudice to the legality of the processing based on your consent that took place before you revoked.

Send an email to stating your request. Each request will be processed within 30 days and always within the framework of applicable law. We may be required to contact you for identification.

11. Minors

Our products and services are not intended for minors. If you believe that information concerning a minor may have been collected, please let us know at the email

12. Transfers to third countries and international organizations

Our Company does not transmit personal data to non-EU countries or international organizations, except in the following cases:

· Remittance to or from a foreign financial institution (bank), in the context of the execution of a contract that we have between us, in which case only the data required for the purpose will be transferred to intervening bodies (SWIFT, SEPA, etc.)

· If our obligation arises under a provision of law, transnational contract, or court decision,

If the transfer is necessary for the establishment, support or exercise of rights of our Company or for the defense of its interests.

13. Modification of the terms

We have the right to amend this statement. We will inform you of any substantial changes by any appropriate means.