Choose the right ones cushions for your space

You may not have thought about it but the cushions you will choose for your sofa are the A το Z in terms of its decoration. Even if the sofa has a special design, bright color or you think that you do not need extra cushions because most come in a package with their own matches, decorative cushions are always necessary and are the ones that make the difference.

So be sure to invest in them, by choosing them carefully, and taking care not to fall into the trap of the “set”, as it is something that has now been overcome. The trend today wants variety in colors, shapes and textures – where all together have been combined to tell their own unique story. This is what we do at Trapeze and that’s why we treat them like small art objects.

The truth is that while most of us have occasionally used sofa covers on our couch, they usually end up being used as a protection for the cleanliness of the couch rather than as decorative elements.

So it’s time for a change, decorative cushions, as they are the easiest and fastest way to give this something more aesthetically even to the most indifferent sofa. Preferably choose one with a bright color or special designs and place it.

nautilus I Λινό λευκό μαξιλάρι 46x46 με σχέδιο περίγραμμα μπλε όστρακο πάνω σε πάτωμα εσωτερικού χειμερινού σπιτιού
nautico Λινό λευκό μαξιλάρι κήπου 46x46 με μπλε κύματα πάνω σε μπαμπού πολυθρόνα σε καλοκαιρινό σπίτι

Cushions give style to a living room and if combined properly can completely change the look of a space. The right combinations of cushions can make us use them for both winter and summer decoration. Here are some ideas.

Combine the florals correctly. The floral cushions give style to a space as long as they are combined properly. Choose floral cushions that have shades that you have already used in your home. Combine the floral with more pale shades for even better result and the creation of contrasts.

Add color, if your living room is in pale shades then you should choose more intense colors on your cushions. The lighter a living room, the brighter the color of the cushions. It would also be good to choose 2-3 different shades of the same color.

Get inspired by things you love. When you want to renovate a space look for various sources to get inspiration. For example, if you really like a scarf you have, look at the colors it has and choose cushions based on that as a criterion. Take advantage of things you love and then you will definitely not fall out decorating your home.

Dare with unusual designs and abstract minimal prints, something that will help you even if you change sofas in the future, do not limit yourself with the new one.

Tip: If you love having many cushions on your sofas we have a very nice solution for the moments when you want to sit on them and they bother you. Get a simple, beautiful, metal or wicker basket so you can “throw” in the cushions that hinder you. This way you will always have a tidy living room.