Privacy Policy

Privacy policy directives protect any information that the user / customer gives to this website. The objective is the protection of your personal data in accordance with the European Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (EU EC Directive), Regulations 2003 & EU E-Privacy Directive (Cookie Law 2013)

All credit card transactions are handled via the VivaWallet or Stripe secure environment and the only information received by our company is strictly associated with the success or failure of your payment.

Please be advised that under Greek Law N.2472/97 we retain your personal information in our files which you can of course access according to the law. Therefore, and with total respect to the Data Protection Authorities, the company , limits its information access only for the service of its customers.


1. What do we collect?

Names, Contact Addresses, Emails, Postal Codes

2. What do we do with this information?

We use them exclusively for the process of your orders and to improve the level of our services. We also use them, and only after your consent, to forward emails and newsletters with our products and offers.

3. What about your safety? is committed to follow the latest security policies regarding content protection. However, you can ask for an immediate delete of past personal data at any point in time.